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AHGV Series for R-410A

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Variable Speed Hydronic Air Handler for R-410A




Quiet and economical, the AHGV Series features a variable speed blower motor that operates about 90 per cent more efficiently than a PSC motor. It further improves efficiency by adjusting the CFM to match the static pressure of the system. This helps improve indoor air quality and enhances comfort by reducing temperature stratification and dehumidifying on a continual basis. 

The blower motor also ramps up to speed slowly to eliminate start-up noise for quiet operation.

The AHBV is packed with features for convenience and ease of installation, and is air conditioning ready. 



Multi-Position--Can be installed vertically or horizontal left or right (ships in upflow horizontal left configuration)

Line Voltage Terminal Block and Low Voltage Terminal Strip--Allows fast, simple thermostat connnection

High Temp Nylon Drain Pan--Resists corrosion and bacterial growth

Slide-Out Blower Assembly--Makes service and maintenance fast and easy

Factory-Installed Air Filter--Available in stand sizes

Freeze Protection for Both Heating and Cooling--Protects the entire system all year long

3/4" Water Connections--Assures correct water supply lines

Hydronic Coil--Aluminum fin/copper tube construction with manual air vent and drain valves, compatible with water heaters and boiler

Durable Cabinet--Pre-painted, galvanized steel with interlocking access panels and gasketed screws to eliminate air leakage



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Look for the Leaf: R-410A is called an environmentally-friendly refrigerant because it does not contribute to the depletion of the earth's vital ozone layer, which provides a protective barrier against the sun's harmful UV rays. Soon all refrigerants used around the world will be replaced by non-ozone depleting refrigerants such as R-410A, which is already in use in many Comfort-Aire models. Look for equipment marked with the leaf, signifying that it's charged with R-410A.


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