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95% Two Stage Gas Furnace

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95% Two Stage Gas Furnace 

Our two stage furnace is designed for maximum convenience and optimum comfort. A conventional single stage furnace operates at high heat until the thermostat is satisfied, then shuts off until there's a demand for heat again. As a result the furnace is constantly cycling on and off. But with a two stage furnace, these temperature swings are virtually eliminated and your home stays at the comfort level you select.

Most of the time, a two stage furnace operates in the low stage, delivering a gentle yet steady flow of heated air. When the weather turns really cold, the furnace automatically shifts into the high stage, providing the extra heat needed to keep the home at the desired comfort level. Whenever the furnace is in the low stage, energy is saved because the burner flame is smaller and the blower fans runs at a slower speed. Even in the high stage, with AFUE rating of 95%, utility costs are being saved.

The ECM variable speed blower motor adjusts the blower speed to deliver the airflow required by the system, resulting in more even temperatures than a single speed motor can provide. And because air is constantly being drawn across the filter, indoor air quality and humidity control are enhanced..

The primary and secondary heat exchangers are covered by a limited lifetime warranty; other components are covered for 12 years. (Limitations apply; see "Warranty" for details)


Quiet Operation—Sealed door and cabinet insulation locks in heat and sound; sealed vertibule reduces burner and inducer sound levels; ECM blower motor makes this one of the quietest furnaces on the market

Extraordinary Efficiency—Two heat exchangers deliver 95%+ of the heated air to the home; the ECM blower motor may give up to 1 SEER point gain in cooling efficiency

ECM Blower Motor—Runs at a variety of speeds to match the load demand, for efficiency and quiet operation; constant airflow through a wide vareity of ductwork conditions reduces temperature stratification while improving indoor air quality

Hot Surface Igniter—Silicon nitride type igniter is automatic, eliminating the need for a standing pilot light

Designed for Long Life—Primary heat exchanger is made of heavy gauge aluminized steel and secondary heat exchanger is made of stainless steel; cabinet is steel with corosion resistant finish

Thermostat—Can be used with either a single or two-stage thermostat; two stage is recommended for optimal efficiency (not included with furnace)

ACCESSORIES (see brochure)

2" Concentric vent kit 

3" Concentric vent kit

2" Side wall vent kit

3" Side wall vent kit

U.S. LP conversion kit (0-10,000 ft.)

Canada LP conversion kit (0-4,500 ft.)

Side return filter kit

Neutralizer kit 


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Look for the Leaf: R-410A is called an environmentally-friendly refrigerant because it does not contribute to the depletion of the earth's vital ozone layer, which provides a protective barrier against the sun's harmful UV rays. Soon all refrigerants used around the world will be replaced by non-ozone depleting refrigerants such as R-410A, which is already in use in many Comfort-Aire models. Look for equipment marked with the leaf, signifying that it's charged with R-410A.


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