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Patriot 80 Oil Furnaces

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Patriot 80 offers versatility and compact size


The compact Patriot 80 series comes in a variety of configurations to fit virtually anywhere, including utility rooms, alcoves, closets, crawl spaces and attics.

In addition to upflow, downflow/horizontal, rear flue and front flue versions, models come in heat only and heating cooling combinations. Shipped with higher firing rate nozzle; low fire nozzle included (uninstalled).

Foil-faced fiberglass insulation, a ceramic high temperature combustion chamber, and harmonically balanced blower keep operating noise to a minimum.

Two models
Capacities 85,000-127,000 BTUH

Four Models
Capacities 85,000 to 196,000 BTUH.

Three models
57,000 to 126,000 BTUH

Three models
85,000 to 126,000 BTUH


Solid Construction—The cabinet of the Patriot 80 rear flue furnace is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel, and is lined with foil-backed fiberglass insulation to hold heat within the unit. The primary heat exchanger is constructed of hand-welded steel for long life. The rear flue mode also features a welded secondary heat exchanger, which extracts additional heat from the flue gas before it is vented out. This reduces the amount of lost heat that goes up the chimney and increases the furnace’s efficiency. A high efficiency Beckett Oil Burner with positive alignment assures quiet and reliable operation.

Flexible & Efficient—The Patriot 80 residential oil furnace product family is a very complete line. Each Patriot 80 model can be fired at multiple firing rates. Multiple firing rates mean each model gives you a wider choice to meet your heating requirements. All Patriot 80 oil furnaces features A.F.U.E. Ratings above 80%.

ACCESSORIES - See Patriot 80 brochure for accessories.



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Look for the Leaf: R-410A is called an environmentally-friendly refrigerant because it does not contribute to the depletion of the earth's vital ozone layer, which provides a protective barrier against the sun's harmful UV rays. Soon all refrigerants used around the world will be replaced by non-ozone depleting refrigerants such as R-410A, which is already in use in many Comfort-Aire models. Look for equipment marked with the leaf, signifying that it's charged with R-410A.


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