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EKTH-G Series

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PTHPs: High Efficiency, State-of-the-Art Controls

Our packaged terminal heat pumps provide year ’round comfort, room by room, for hotels, motels, apartments, office buildings, schools, nursing homes and more. Designed for quick installation in a standard 16” x 42” wall sleeve, they’re great for new construction as well as replacements.

The EKTH is set up for 2kW, 3kW or 5kW of heat based on the power cord selected by the customer. Power cords are available in 15, 20 and 30 amps.

Combining attractive appearance with state-of-the art technology, these units minimize energy usage while ensuring guest comfort.

All models include electric heat as standard.


Energy Efficient—Exceptionally high energy efficiency ratios (EERs); allows for owner-programmed setback during periods of inactivity and inroom temperature limitations.

Room Freeze Protection—When the unit senses temperatures 40°F or lower, it automatically activates the fan motor and electric heater.

Versatile Configuration—The unit can be optimized to a specific application through the use of dipswitches and the digital keypad; selections include setpoint limiting, front desk control, wall thermostat control, and more.

Quiet Operation—Indoor sound reduction is achieved through the unit’s two fan motors and a tangential blower wheel design that provides uniform air discharge.

Fresh Air Control Arm—Allows outdoor air into room through vent filter; 70 CFM fresh air ventilation.

Easy to Service—On-board computer utilizes real-time diagnostics to prolong the life of the unit and simplify service; LED indicator flashes error code and in many cases the unit will automatically clear the fault condition.

Random Restart—Prevents all units from restarting at once following a power outage; random restart occurs in 2:45 to 3:15 minutes; each unit starts up in the mode it was in when power was lost.

Condensate Dispersion—Highly efficient system atomizes condensate and utilizes a slinger ring on the outdoor fan, dispersing condensate onto the condenser coil for evaporation.

Defrost Protection—When unit can no longer effectively heat with the compressor (about 35°F outdoor ambient), unit automatically switches to electric heat until outdoor temperature warms up.

Anti-Short Cycle—Random start-up delay of 3 minutes and minimum run time of 3 minutes help prolong compressor life, allowing refrigerant pressures to equalize before restarting.

Front Desk Control—Comes with low voltage Energy Management interface so unit can be centrally controlled, if desired; interface is easy to connect, and is compatible with 24 VAC central desk control systems.

Thermostat Options—Unit is designed to be controlled either by an on-board control panel or wired remote thermostat.

Fan Configuration—Used to select continuous fan operation or cycle the fan on and off according to thermostat requirements.

Electronic Temperature Limiter—In room temperature settings can be programmed for both heating and cooling ranges to prevent a guest from over-heating or over-cooling the room.






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Look for the Leaf: R-410A is called an environmentally-friendly refrigerant because it does not contribute to the depletion of the earth's vital ozone layer, which provides a protective barrier against the sun's harmful UV rays. Soon all refrigerants used around the world will be replaced by non-ozone depleting refrigerants such as R-410A, which is already in use in many Comfort-Aire models. Look for equipment marked with the leaf, signifying that it's charged with R-410A.


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