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Room Air Wall-Mounted Heat Pump

This elegant heat pump combines sleek design with cooling, heating, air filtration, and air circulation capabilities. Heat pump capacity is rated at 9,300 BTUH. Two electric heaters for supplemental heat are built in to the sides of the unit and each is rated at 3,400 BTUH for integrated heating capacity of 16,100 BTUH (outside temperature dependent).

Installation is fast and simple: no refrigerant lines, charging or brazing is required. Cut holes in exterior wall for vents, mount on wall, plug in to 208/230 outlet and the unit is ready for operation.


•    High end residential & commercial

•    Hotels and motels

•    Historic buildings

•    Government housing

•    Apartment complexes

•    Any facility with restrictions on outdoor units and/or refrigerant piping distance


•    Use template to drill holes in outer wall of building for intake,exhaust

•    Install flexible grilles, intake/exhaust hoses, and condensate drain line—all from the building interior

•    Hang unit using mounting bracket (included), plug unit into power source and turn on the heat pump


•    No outside unit—just grilles for air intake and exhaust, and condensate drain, appear on the structure exterior

•    Low ambient heating operation 5° F to 125.6° F

•    Flexible condensate drainage options

•    ECM blower motor for energy efficiency and reliability

•    Hot-gas bypass uses electronic expansion valve for improved heating performance during defrost cycle

•    Multiple units can be connected to a data network for guest room control

•    Simple installation is done from inside the building and everything needed (except tools) is included

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Look for the Leaf: R-410A is called an environmentally-friendly refrigerant because it does not contribute to the depletion of the earth's vital ozone layer, which provides a protective barrier against the sun's harmful UV rays. Soon all refrigerants used around the world will be replaced by non-ozone depleting refrigerants such as R-410A, which is already in use in many Comfort-Aire models. Look for equipment marked with the leaf, signifying that it's charged with R-410A.


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