VMH-Series Sngl-Zone, Variable


  • High-Wall Indoor unit with full feature remote, or choose from any indoor unit from the VMH-Series Multi-Zone line:  Cassette, Ducted, Floor/Ceiling, or Floor Mount
  • Premium Efficiency:  Up to 28 SEER
  • 9KBtu, 12KBtu, 18KBtu, and 24KBtu models available, 208/230V only
  • Multiple Modes:  Cooling, dehumidification only, heating, sleep mode, 24-hour timer, turbo mode, auto mode
  • Auto Swing:  continually adjusts air flow direction for a gentle, breeze-like effect
  • Remote Control makes it easy to program and operate the unit
  • Enhanced Filtration:  Gold fin filter delivers improved indoor air quality
  • Defrost Control:  Longer defrost cycle effectively removes any frost accumulation on the coil as needed
  • “Follow” Feature" on remote senses temperature where occupant is, automatically adjusts to maintain setpoint
  • Designed for wide operating range and minimal vibration
  • Smartphone Compatible—Optional 7800-208 Smartphone Control Kit available separately for specific indoor models
  • Ambient Operating Conditions:  Cooling -22 Deg F to 122 Deg F, Heating -22 Deg F to 86 Deg. F