HMG**F1P-Series Multi-Speed PSC


  • 2 - 5 ton systems
  • Sequenced for demand management
  • External access to heater circuit breakers
  • 1 piece design 
  • Smaller profile for closet applications
  • Multi-position = Upflow/Horizontal Left/Right
  • Approved for installation in manufactured housing and mobile homes


  • Filter rack with thumb screws for easy access and removal
  • Polymer plugs on drain locations for easy installation
  • Baked polyester paint finished over galvanized steel for maximum durability
  • High-strength/heat resistant/corrosion resistance SMC drain pans
  • Antimicrobial treated polymer drain pan built to resist mold and mildew growth
  • 2% or less air leakage


  • Total corrosion protection technology designed coil 
  • Enhanced tube-and-fin coil design featuring MHT™ Technology
  • Lanced fins for maximum heat transfer
  • Factory leak tested and pre-charged with nitrogen holding charge
  • Efficient PSC blower motors (Constant Torque on 4T and 5T models)
  • Field installed 5 - 20kW electric heat kits
  • Sleeves on distributor tubing to protect tubes