MG1E-Series 80% Gas Furnaces


  • All MG1E-Series Models are downflow-only.
  • Fully Insulated cabinets fit classic Manufacture Housing footprint. 
  • MG1E-***F1AAM1 models come with no coil cabinet, MG1E-***F1ABM1 models have factory-installed 20” Coil Cabinet.
  • Optional 922594 field-installed 26” Coil Cabinet for use with MG1E-***F1AAM1 Models. 
  • All MG1E-Models come with optional field-installed LP Orifice for quick conversion.
  • Standard ECM Blower - Provides energy efficiency while providing 5 speed tap options.
  • Air Conditioner Ready - Models have blowers capable of handling up to 4 tons of air conditioning.