HNW-Series Cupro Water-to-Water

The HNW Water-to-Water series offers a wide range of units for most any installation with an extended range refrigerant circuit, intended for open loop (ground water) applications only. As the most adaptable EarthPure® HFC-410A refrigerant units, the HNW Series can be used for radiant floor heating, snow/ice melt, chilled water for fan coils, potable hot water generation*, hot/chilled water for make-up air, and many other types of HVAC applications. 
*Requires optional hot water generator


•  Copeland™ High Efficiency Scroll Compressor
•  Optional Hot Water Generator With Internal Pump
•  Fully Insulated Water and Refrigerant Lines
•  Fully Insulated Compressor Section
•  Powder Coated Steel Cabinet with Stainless Steel Access Panels 
    for Long Life
•  System Operating LED Lights 
•  Unit Performance Sentinel: Automatic Alert System Lets You 
    Know If The System is Not Running at Peak Performance 
•  Dual Level Compressor Isolation Mounting for Ultra 
    Quiet Sound
•  Multiple Removable Access Panels for Service 
•  Coaxial Heat Exchangers
•  Three Capacities 036 [8.7 kW], 060 [13.5 kW], & 120 [26.9 kW]
•  Dual refrigeration circuits on size 120
•  Insulated compressor compartment
•  Extended range (20 to 120°F, -6.7 to 48.9°C) operation
•  1” swivel-type water connections for models 036 & 060
•  Flush securely-mounted corner post water connections  
    (no backup wrench required) for model 120
•  Seven safeties standard
•  Up to 130°F entering water temperature (load)

Installing HNW on closed loop will void warranty